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There are TWO basic rules behind understanding consumers:  

CONSUMERS SHOP CATEGORIES FIRST.  In other words, they must have a need or reason for using a category (ie... toothpaste or shoes or healthcare) before deciding which brand they want to purchase (ie... Crest┬« toothpaste versus Colgate┬« toothpaste).  

That sounds so simple, doesn't it?  Unfortunately, a lot of marketers and market research lightly skim over category information and they focus just on brand information.  As a result, many brand messages are off target.

EVERY CONSUMER ACTIVITY HAS SPECIFIC UNDERLYING RATIONAL AND EMOTIONAL ASSOCIATIONS. In other words, whether consumers are brushing their teeth, purchasing a status watch, or interested in helping with an important cause, there are specific rational associations
that they have with these activities... AND ... they have specific emotional associations with the specific acts.

  • These rational and emotional reasons are specifically tied to the categories.  

  • The brand message that most closely taps into these specific needs will build its consumer loyalty and market share.

If you do not have a thorough understanding of WHY the consumer is involved with the particular category, then your marketing message will be off base
.  The reasons are deeper than "toothpaste cleans teeth." There is a deeper symbolic association that drives the consumer.  We help you understand how they view your market and brand.  Then, we help you position and market your brand.

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