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I'm Maggie Wright.  I'm a Baby-Boomer who was lucky enough to get terrific exposure and experience in 'old-school' marketing and branding, where we conducted qualitative research that delved deeply into the psychology and wants/needs of consumers.  I lived in New York City and I thought I was in heaven working in new products and brand positioning.

Then, in the 1980s,  I watched as the middle marketing companies ($100-500 million sales) that I competed with and worked for, got eaten up through mergers and acquisitions and turned into 'too big to fail' mega-companies. Then, I watched as many of the jobs were transported to other countries in the 1990s.  This was upsetting, and it was THEN that I made a pledge to myself to focus on helping the small businesses, the bedrock of America.

If you have a start-up, or if you have a one-person business, or if have a small-staffed business, contact me.  I am committed to helping to Re-build America.  There are many areas in which I can help:

  • Coaching: Individual coaching and/or group workshop coaching

  • Marketing plan and/or business plan development

  • Blogging

  • Copy development

  • E-Mail marketing, such as Constant Contact

  • Social Media updates

  • Material development, such as newsletters, flyers, and sales materials

  • Focus group moderating

  • Website design and management

  • Whatever you need...

Whatever your needs are, I can help you and we can work things out.  You're never too small!  You are what America stands for.  Let's Re-build America together!!!  So, contact me!

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