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Evaluating Your Quantitative Research Program
By Maggie Wright

Here are a few suggested questions to help you evaluate your quantitative research program:

  • What is the research attempting to achieve?

  • Will it provide direction for determining actionable steps? If not, is there a need for this research?

  • Before conducting the research, have we explored all available secondary sources? Have we thought through all possible hypotheses? Have we thoroughly evaluated all of the information deemed from our qualitative research (focus group studies)?

  • Are the questions based on sound qualitative knowledge of the market? Do the questions cover all aspects of the issues?

  • Is the methodology logical?

  • Do the samples focus on the target consumers that we want to reach? Heavy users? Medium and light users? Triers/rejectors? Non-users of my brand?

  • Are the questions written in communicable consumer language?

  • Have the questions been rotated to avoid bias?

  • Did the research succeed or fail in meeting its objectives?

  • What degree of confidence can be placed in the results?

  • Were the conclusions backed up by solid facts?

  • Do the recommendations appear logical and reasonable?

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